Application of Artificial Turf in The Landscape

Application of Frengrass Artificial Turf in The Landscape

Artificial turf can be used as garden part, it is more common to match scenery for the landscape artificial lawn. For buildings, terrain, roads and shrubs, it can play very good contrast and reconcile results.

When the artificial turf match with terrain, terrain and artificial turf will be integrated, artificial turf can be set off out the beauty of the terrain, more often used in the small garden, courtyard, parks, residential and other scenic areas. After a mini-transformation, prompting terrain appear minor changes, the surface will be more orderly, artificial turf will be demonstrated visually.

When the artificial turf match with building, throughout the design of the building, whether utilization or location is so important, because the lawn is relatively low, with the corresponding open nature, combined with artificial turf plasticity, let the whole building more artistic.

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