Artificial Turf Make up for The Lack of Natural Turf

the advantage of artificial turf is to make up for the lack of natural grass, overcome the shortcomings of natural grass.

  1. Natural grass can not grow under extreme climatic conditions. But artificial turf does not have to consider this issue.
  2. Some countries and regions can not pay the high maintenance costs of natural grass due to economic reasons. Artificial turf maintenance costs are low;
  3. Natural grass can not be planted in the stadiums with a roof. Artificial turf fields have a very big advantage, and it is no doubt will be more and more widespread use. International football authorities and Sports department has positive recommendation on artificial turf. Provide favorable conditions for promoting universal use of artificial turf in the hot zone. The world has tens of millions of athletes and sports enthusiasts to use the artificial grass, it makes more and more people to experience the fun of sports.
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