Frengrass features 24-hour usage, UV, aging and erosion resistance. Our Basketball field artificial grass is suitable for landscaping in the entertainment sites, home yards, garage, poolside and so on. The warranty is 5-8 years.

Basketball field artificial grass is often used for Basketball field,volleyball field,running tracking. Our company Wuxi Fenkai artificial turf technology Co.,LTD has introduced advanced production equipment to manufacture artificial turf while complying with environmental protection standards. We promise the best service and create a environmental friendly life with you together.

Technical Specification

Product Model WF-KW6600
Yarn Material PE+PP
Pile Height 10mm ±5%
Total Height 12mm ±5%
Stitches/10cm 25 ±10%
Density 52500 ±10%
Gauge 3/8″
Dtex 6600 ±10%
Pile Weight 898gsm ±10%
Total Weight 200kg/100sq.m.
Coating SBR Latex, 1000gr/㎡ ±10%
Turf Cloth 500g ±5%
Roll Width 2m or 4m
Roll Length As per Lay-out
UV-Stability ≥3000 hours
Water Permeability ≥180mm/h
Pile Anchorage ≥40N
Application Landscaping, Amusement Park, Garden, Yards, Roof, Decration


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