School Season, Choose A Better Sports Turf for Students

September is the time to start going to school, schools also began to prepare everything for the students, including books, classrooms and playgrounds. About the playground, there is a big learning, turf stadium is an important choice. There are three lawn types.

The first is monofilament reinforcement artificial turf, it add an additional step based on monofilament artificial turf, every blade of grass add raised ribs, whether in the Turf elasticity, or the wear performance have been greatly improved, And practical applications are more favorable, the corresponding price will be raised.

The second is mesh artificial turf, mesh artificial turf are thicker than fibers grass, when open the cross-section, will see mesh similar to nets, mesh artificial turf is more inexpensive than monofilament artificial turf.

The third is monofilament artificial turf, the grass fibers are denser and thinner than mesh artificial turf, and the degree of bionic is also higher, on the basic structure, life close to the natural turf, wear resistance is better than the mesh of artificial turf, the price will be higher.

Through the introduction, do you know choose what kind of sport artificial lawn?



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