Wuxi Fenkai artificial turf technology Co.,LTD.

Wuxi Fenkai artificial turf technology Co., LTD. is a professional artificial lawns manufacturer, located in Wuxi city Jiangsu province, with collection of design, development, sale artificial lawns to the market. Produce range: artificial landscape lawns, artificial sports lawns, artificial leisure lawns and artificial car mats.

As a professional manufacturer and designer of artificial lawns, Wuxi FK drvies its production with advanced factilities and morden management. Ensured by its humanized management and product quality, Wuxi FK has been entitled with many factory qualifications,including ISO9001, IS014001, CE and BSCI Score2 which is the most rigorous inspection of social audit for a factory.

Artificial lawns is a growing momentum as very viable alternative for natural grass, advancements in Wuxi FK artificial turf yarn extrusion, turfing, backing and overall construction have lead to dramatic improvements in the realistic looking and feeling, it is perfect for use in the family home, schools, playground, apartment complexes, caravan parks etc.

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Landscape Grass

Landscape Grass

Feb 18, 2017 Frengrass Specialize in Producing Artificial Turf

Frengrass Specialize in Producing Artificial Turf

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Feb 15, 2017 Frengrass Exhibition Invitation

Frengrass Exhibition Invitation

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Feb 13, 2017 Landscape Artificial Turf Restore The World Vitality

Landscape Artificial Turf Restore The World Vitality

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